Our Core Services

Marketing Strategy & Campaigns
Web Site Design & Build
Graphics & Presentations

Our Approach

1. Lets start with a discussion of your business objectives.

2. Then identify all the resources - our combined talent, documents, images and materials.

3. Next will be a plan - the overall scope, detail tasks, budget and target dates.

4. And use Agilent project management, providing results every week and flexibility throughout


From the list below we can put together a package of just the services you need, when you need it. If you don't see a service listed, Contact Us to see if it has been added recently or if we can refer you.

We will work with you to bring focus to a project, compliment your talents, and deliver value to your business.

  • Market Research and Positioning +

    How many types of customers have you?
    How do they differ?
    What are their buying behaviors?
    How do you differentiate yourself?

    We can work with you to organize the different types of customers and identify various approaches to engage them. We can research your customers and competition then brainstorm ideas on positioning your current products or services. Bottom line: Increase awareness and articulate benefits to drive revenue.

  • Company Logo and Identity +

    It’s important that your identity be easily recognizable and consistent. A company with inconsistent messages can look disorganized.

    We can help you look more professional with a new logo or an update an existing logo.

  • Web Site Design +

    Your audience should leave your web site thinking "That was a good experience!" To accomplish this, we start with the architecture and create a wire-frame - a document or a prototype that describes the user's experience before it is built.

    Next, we present web site designs for you to consider that work with your audience and company identity.

    We typically build web sites using one of the popular Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Word Press or an Ecommerce system, giving you the ability to easily edit the pages.

    A CMS provides for extended features with minimum cost such as a login area, blog, news updates, shopping carts, calendars, multiple language support, and much, much more.

  • Web Content +

    Creating content for each web page can be the largest part of the project.

    Web sites need compelling content and we can help you create and organize it including:

    Text, story lines, testimonials, landing pages, headings, photography, videos, illustrations, charts, icons, documents, social media feeds, web links, contact forms, maps, calendars, blogs, login, and more.

  • Web Statistics and SEO +

    For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we start by setting up a Google Analtyics account to collect and report statistics on web site usage.

    It is very important that we understand what phrases your audience searches, and to include those phrases in the text of your web site.

    After your site is live, it is to your benefit to increase the number of links to your site. This can be done through advertising (Google AdWords), registering with industry directories, social media, using your web site address in signatures on emails and blogs, and through marketing communication. We can put together and implement a SEO plan for you.

  • Social Media +

    Social media is a very large target. We can help you focus on where to find your audience and reduce the amount of work by posting once, then sharing it across channels such as twitter, tumbler, and facebook.

    We can create a social media plan for you, identifying topics of conversation and frequency/location of posts.

  • eNews +

    We create designs for email newsletters and announcements, working with software such as Constant Contact

    We can write articles, create landing pages, and manage your contact lists too.

  • Brochures etc +

    Contact us to help you create brochures, data sheets, rack cards, posters, flyers or other material. We can provide you both print and digital formats.
  • Training and Support +

    We provide marketing and technical support as well as training for your on-staff resources, ensuring your marketing plan is continually evaluated and improved upon.

    Support and training services include web site updates, photo editing, email campaigns, list management, print and direct mail, social media posts, documentation, on-site training, on-demand telephone support and more.

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The Team

We pull together the right talent for each job. View The Team profiles

Professional Consultants

We work as part of your team toward the same business goals, saving you money and time by bringing creativity and experience.


When additional skills are needed to augment your staff, we can provide talent for both short- and long-term projects.


I have worked with Peg on at least 3 web sites and I keep coming back. She is professional, insightful, and brings to the table a great combination of technology and marketing experience.

Maureen Deiana,


Organized, always on time and budget, a great team of people to work with.

David Paliotti,


Peg and her team spent time to learn what I was trying to do; they developed and presented ideas for the site and content, they built prototypes to demonstrate the concept and then they delivered on their promise.

Paul Fluckiger,