Should I send email newsletters?

Personally, I receive monthly email newsletters on topics that add value to my business. For me that includes new techniques for Search Engine Optimization, trends in web site design, new web site development techniques (html, css), and tools for managing social media. 

The point is...there are people who want to receive email news because they add value. And if you are adding value, you are building a relationship and might get a call one day when they need your product or service.

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6 Tips for Selecting a Web Site Template

Examples of different web page layoutsTemplates for web sites contain key design elements such as colors, fonts and page layouts.

If you can find a template that needs "just a little" customization, it helps to keep the design and development price to a minimum. Just about everything can be tailored but with a few simple changes, along with your own logo, photos and text, you can have a custom look.

Here are the 6 tips on what to look for when comparing alternatives.

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SEO: The First 5 Steps

Graph of Web Site Traffic by day


Getting noticed on the Internet can be tough, and expensive. Companies with deep marketing budgets can invest in full-time social media staff, advertising and public relations. For the small business, there are important steps to get started. Following are 5 steps to begin your journey into Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1. Get Listed

The major search engines allow businesses to create a simple profile for free and offer add-on $$ services for additional listings and advertisements. To start, get the free listings on Google+ and Google Maps, Yahoo, MapQuest and Bing. It might take you 2-4 hours and you have to provide the basic company name, address, hours of operations and email. Search for "how to list my business on ....." and follow the instructions. A couple of the search engines (e.g. Google and Yahoo) may require verification by sending to you a postcard in the mail. They are just making sure your business is legit.

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